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Considering the average lifespan of a business is 15 years, the fact that Berger has been thriving for 140 years is an exceptional accomplishment.

It takes a special organization to weather over a century of ups and downs, persevering through economic good times and bad. At Berger, we attribute our success to customer focus, integrity, product innovation and a team that's 100% focused on "getting it done" for each customer.

Founded in 1874 as William Berger and Company, Manufacturer of Tinners and Roofing Supplies, William Berger was committed to the dream of providing high-quality products for roofers. Berger worked to stay ahead of the competition by creating new products, expanding resources and building a team of dedicated individuals. Over 140 years, the Berger team saw many changes but remained driven and focused on listening and delivering to customers.

Today, Berger works with customers to get the answers they need quickly, helping them to grow their business. The Berger team is proud of this philosophy as it has served them well for over 140 years. For those looking to make it to 140 years, we hope this story provides valuable insight and inspiration.

At Berger, we are continually looking for feedback, so we can keep providing outstanding customer service. If you do have feedback, please send it our way by clicking here.