K-Style End Caps

Roofing Drainage Solutions

SIZES: 5", 6", 7", 8"
MATERIALS: Aluminum, Steel, Copper
THICKNESSES: 0.019, 26 Ga, 16 Oz
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K-Style End Caps Product Availability

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SIZES: 5", 6", 7", 8"
MATERIALS: Aluminum, Steel, Copper
THICKNESSES: 0.019, 26 Ga, 16 Oz
5ENL80WK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.01980 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
5ENLADBK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Amp Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
5ENLALK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019AlmondAluminum50 +
5ENLAMBK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Musket Brown AAluminum50 +
5ENLBLK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019BlackAluminum50 +
5ENLBZK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Terra BronzeAluminum50 +
5ENLDBZK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
5ENLGGK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Grecian GreenAluminum50 +
5ENLHCK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Heritage CreamAluminum50 +
5ENLHEK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019HerringboneAluminum50 +
5ENLLIK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Bone LinenAluminum50 +
5ENLLMK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Light MapleAluminum50 +
5ENLMBK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Musket BrownAluminum50 +
5ENLNCK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Natural ClayAluminum50 +
5ENLPBK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Pebblestone ClayAluminum50 +
5ENLPGK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Pearl GrayAluminum50 +
5ENLRBK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Royal BrownAluminum50 +
5ENLSWK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Savannah WickerAluminum50 +
5ENR30WK-Style End CapsRight5"0.01930 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
5ENR80WK-Style End CapsRight5"0.01980 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
5ENRADBK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Amp Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
5ENRALK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019AlmondAluminum50 +
5ENRAMBK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Musket Brown AAluminum50 +
5ENRBLK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019BlackAluminum50 +
5ENRBZK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Terra BronzeAluminum50 +
5ENRDBZK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
5ENRGGK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Grecian GreenAluminum50 +
5ENRHCK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Heritage CreamAluminum50 +
5ENRHEK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019HerringboneAluminum50 +
5ENRLIK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Bone LinenAluminum50 +
5ENRLMK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Light MapleAluminum50 +
5ENRMBK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Musket BrownAluminum50 +
5ENRMFK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Mill FinishAluminum50 +
5ENRNCK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Natural ClayAluminum50 +
5ENRPBK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Pebblestone ClayAluminum50 +
5ENRPGK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Pearl GrayAluminum50 +
5ENRRBK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Royal BrownAluminum50 +
5ENRSWK-Style End CapsRight5"0.019Savannah WickerAluminum50 +
6ENL30WK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.01930 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
6ENL80WK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.01980 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
6ENLADBK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Amp Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
6ENLALK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019AlmondAluminum50 +
6ENLAMBK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Musket Brown AAluminum50 +
6ENLBLK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019BlackAluminum50 +
6ENLBZK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Terra BronzeAluminum50 +
6ENLDBZK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
6ENLGGK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Grecian GreenAluminum50 +
6ENLHCK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Heritage CreamAluminum50 +
6ENLHEK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019HerringboneAluminum50 +
6ENLLIK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Bone LinenAluminum50 +
6ENLLMK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Light MapleAluminum50 +
6ENLMBK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Musket BrownAluminum50 +
6ENLMFK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Mill FinishAluminum50 +
6ENLNCK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Natural ClayAluminum50 +
6ENLPBK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Pebblestone ClayAluminum50 +
6ENLPGK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Pearl GrayAluminum50 +
6ENLRBK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Royal BrownAluminum50 +
6ENLSWK-Style End CapsLeft6"0.019Savannah WickerAluminum50 +
6ENR30WK-Style End CapsRight6"0.01930 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
6ENR80WK-Style End CapsRight6"0.01980 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
6ENRADBK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Amp Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
6ENRALK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019AlmondAluminum50 +
6ENRAMBK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Musket Brown AAluminum50 +
6ENRBLK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019BlackAluminum50 +
6ENRBZK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Terra BronzeAluminum50 +
6ENRDBZK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
6ENRGGK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Grecian GreenAluminum50 +
6ENRHCK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Heritage CreamAluminum50 +
6ENRHEK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019HerringboneAluminum50 +
6ENRLIK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Bone LinenAluminum50 +
6ENRLMK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Light MapleAluminum50 +
6ENRMBK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Musket BrownAluminum50 +
6ENRMFK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Mill FinishAluminum50 +
6ENRNCK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Natural ClayAluminum50 +
6ENRPBK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Pebblestone ClayAluminum50 +
6ENRPGK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Pearl GrayAluminum50 +
6ENRRBK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Royal BrownAluminum50 +
6ENRSWK-Style End CapsRight6"0.019Savannah WickerAluminum50 +
ENL265K-Style End CapsLeft5"26 GaGalvanizedSteel50 +
ENL266K-Style End CapsLeft6"26 GaGalvanizedSteel50 +
ENL267K-Style End CapsLeft7"26 GaGalvanizedSteel50 +
ENL268K-Style End CapsLeft8"26 GaGalvanizedSteel50 +
ENL6G5K-Style End CapsLeft5"26 GaPaint GripSteel50 +
ENL6G6K-Style End CapsLeft6"26 GaPaint GripSteel50 +
ENLBR7K-Style End CapsRight7"0.019Royal BrownAluminum50 +
ENLBR8K-Style End CapsLeft8"0.019Royal BrownAluminum50 +
ENLBS5K-Style End CapsLeft5"26 GaRoyal BrownSteel50 +
ENLBS6K-Style End CapsLeft6"26 GaRoyal BrownSteel50 +
ENLCP5K-Style End CapsLeft5"16 OzCopperCopper50 +
ENLCP6K-Style End CapsLeft6"16 OzCopperCopper50 +
ENLCP7K-Style End CapsLeft7"16 OzCopperCopper50 +
ENLCP8K-Style End CapsLeft8"16 OzCopperCopper50 +
ENLDB7K-Style End CapsRight7"0.019Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
ENLDB8K-Style End CapsLeft8"0.019Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
ENLHG7K-Style End CapsRight7"0.01980 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
ENLHG8K-Style End CapsLeft8"0.01980 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
ENLWS5K-Style End CapsLeft5"26 Ga30 Degree WhiteSteel50 +
ENLWS6K-Style End CapsLeft6"26 Ga30 Degree WhiteSteel50 +
ENR265K-Style End CapsRight5"26 GaGalvanizedSteel50 +
ENR266K-Style End CapsRight6"26 GaGalvanizedSteel50 +
ENR267K-Style End CapsRight7"26 GaGalvanizedSteel50 +
ENR268K-Style End CapsRight8"26 GaGalvanizedSteel50 +
ENR6G5K-Style End CapsRight5"26 GaPaint GripSteel50 +
ENR6G6K-Style End CapsRight6"26 GaPaint GripSteel50 +
ENRBR7K-Style End CapsRight7"0.019Royal BrownAluminum50 +
ENRBR8K-Style End CapsRight8"0.019Royal BrownAluminum50 +
ENRBS5K-Style End CapsRight5"26 GaRoyal BrownSteel50 +
ENRBS6K-Style End CapsRight6"26 GaRoyal BrownSteel50 +
ENRCP5K-Style End CapsRight5"16 OzCopperCopper50 +
ENRCP6K-Style End CapsRight6"16 OzCopperCopper50 +
ENRCP7K-Style End CapsRight7"16 OzCopperCopper50 +
ENRCP8K-Style End CapsRight8"16 OzCopperCopper50 +
ENRDB7K-Style End CapsRight7"0.019Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
ENRDB8K-Style End CapsRight8"0.019Dark BronzeAluminum50 +
ENRHG7K-Style End CapsRight7"0.01980 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
ENRHG8K-Style End CapsRight8"0.01980 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
ENRWS5K-Style End CapsRight5"26 Ga30 Degree WhiteSteel50 +
ENRWS6K-Style End CapsRight6"26 Ga30 Degree WhiteSteel50 +
5ENL30WK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.01930 Degree WhiteAluminum50 +
5ENLMFK-Style End CapsLeft5"0.019Mill FinishAluminum50 +

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