Square Corrugated Offsets

Roofing Drainage Solutions

SIZES: 2" x 3", 3" x 4"
MATERIALS: Aluminum, Copper, Steel
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SIZES: 2" x 3", 3" x 4"
MATERIALS: Aluminum, Copper, Steel
OFSC3BA15Square Corrugated Offsets2"2" x 3"Royal BrownAluminumEA +
OFSC3BA3Square Corrugated Offsets3"2" x 3"Royal BrownAluminumEA +
OFSC3BA4Square Corrugated Offsets4"2" x 3"Royal BrownAluminumEA +
OFSC3BA5Square Corrugated Offsets5"2" x 3"Royal BrownAluminumEA +
OFPR3SW15Square Corrugated Offsets2"2" x 3"30 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFPR4SW15Square Corrugated Offsets2"3" x 4"30 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFPR4WA15Square Corrugated Offsets2"3" x 4"80 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC3CP15Square Corrugated Offsets2"2" x 3"CopperCopper10 +
OFSC3CP3Square Corrugated Offsets3"2" x 3"CopperCopper10 +
OFSC3CP4Square Corrugated Offsets4"2" x 3"CopperCopper10 +
OFSC3CP5Square Corrugated Offsets5"2" x 3"CopperCopper10 +
OFSC3GS15Square Corrugated Offsets2"2" x 3"GalvanizedSteel10 +
OFSC3GS3Square Corrugated Offsets3"2" x 3"GalvanizedSteel10 +
OFSC3GS4Square Corrugated Offsets4"2" x 3"GalvanizedSteel10 +
OFSC3GS5Square Corrugated Offsets5"2" x 3"GalvanizedSteel10 +
OFSC3SW3Square Corrugated Offsets3"2" x 3"30 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC3SW4Square Corrugated Offsets4"2" x 3"30 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC3SW5Square Corrugated Offsets5"2" x 3"30 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC3WA15Square Corrugated Offsets2"2" x 3"80 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC3WA3Square Corrugated Offsets3"2" x 3"80 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC3WA4Square Corrugated Offsets4"2" x 3"80 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC3WA5Square Corrugated Offsets5"2" x 3"80 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC4BA3Square Corrugated Offsets3"3" x 4"Royal BrownAluminum10 +
OFSC4BA4Square Corrugated Offsets4"3" x 4"Royal BrownAluminum10 +
OFSC4BA5Square Corrugated Offsets5"3" x 4"Royal BrownAluminum10 +
OFSC4CP15Square Corrugated Offsets2"3" x 4"CopperCopper10 +
OFSC4CP3Square Corrugated Offsets3"3" x 4"CopperCopper10 +
OFSC4CP4Square Corrugated Offsets4"3" x 4"CopperCopper10 +
OFSC4CP5Square Corrugated Offsets5"3" x 4"CopperCopper10 +
OFSC4GS15Square Corrugated Offsets2"3" x 4"GalvanizedSteel10 +
OFSC4GS3Square Corrugated Offsets3"3" x 4"GalvanizedSteel10 +
OFSC4GS4Square Corrugated Offsets4"3" x 4"GalvanizedSteel10 +
OFSC4GS5Square Corrugated Offsets5"3" x 4"GalvanizedSteel10 +
OFSC4SW3Square Corrugated Offsets3"3" x 4"30 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC4SW4Square Corrugated Offsets4"3" x 4"30 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC4SW5Square Corrugated Offsets5"3" x 4"30 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC4WA3Square Corrugated Offsets3"3" x 4"80 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC4WA4Square Corrugated Offsets4"3" x 4"80 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +
OFSC4WA5Square Corrugated Offsets5"3" x 4"80 Degree WhiteAluminum10 +

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