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Berger offers a large selection of gutter protection systems that help eliminate clogged gutters and downspouts. In addition to drop-in, hinged, lock-on and snap-in models, Berger carries the Gutter Shingle. Gutter guards and covers are available for use with K-style and Half Round gutter. 


Features & Benefits

  • Available in painted aluminum, copper, painted steel, galvanized steel, paint grip and PVC
  • Installs on new or existing gutter systems
  • Looks great on any home


The purpose of our Gutter Guard product line is to stop leaves or reduce debris from entering the gutter/eaves trough. Product performance can vary depending on proper installation, product selection, gutter orientation, roof material and slope. Winter weather may cause snow and ice to accumulate at roof eaves. Ice damming can result from improper roof ventilation and inadequate insulation. Heat radiating from below the roof and sun radiation melt snow and it freezes again when temperatures drop below freezing (0°C/32°F degrees). Icicles can be formed on roof edges due to these conditions whether or not gutters or guards are installed. This is a natural process beyond the manufacturers' control and we accept no responsibility for ice and snow accumulation or related consequences.