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Berger offers a diverse selection of trim coil in over 80 vibrant colors, providing a versatile palette for seamless project integration. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, our trim coil ensures durability, resistance to rust, and quick, effortless installation. With exceptional protection against moisture and debris, Berger's trim coil safeguards vulnerable exterior areas, reducing the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

SIZES: 14", 24", 12", 7", 24"
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Trim Coil Product Availability

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SIZES: 14", 24", 12", 7", 24"
201-14Trim Coil14"Royal BrownAluminum +
TCG24ALTrim Coil24"AlmondAluminum +
AMPDB-24ADBPVC-24Trim Coil24"AMP Dark BronzeAluminum +
BBLUE-24Trim Coil24"Bermuda BlueAluminum +
100-12Trim Coil12"Lomar WhiteAluminum +
200-14Trim Coil14"BlackAluminum +
WT-24Trim Coil24"WheatAluminum +
202-24Trim Coil24"Black / Royal BrownAluminum +
BLN-24Trim Coil24"Bone LinenAluminum +
NBW-24500-24Trim Coil24"Bright WhiteAluminum +
BU-24Trim Coil24"BuckskinAluminum +
CYP-24CYPPVC-24Trim Coil24"CypressAluminum +
FLGST-24Trim Coil24"FlagstoneAluminum +
GG-24GGPVC-24Trim Coil24"Granite GrayAluminum +
HBGR-24Trim Coil24"Harbor GreyAluminum +
HRST-24Trim Coil24"HearthstoneAluminum +
IG-24IGPVC-24Trim Coil24"Ivy GreenAluminum +
202-07Trim Coil7"Black / Royal BrownAluminum +
MNTN-24Trim Coil24"Mountain CedarAluminum +
700-24Trim Coil24"Musket BrownAluminum +
CMB-24CMBPVC-24Trim Coil24"Musket Brown CAluminum +
OX-24OXPVC-24Trim Coil24"Oxford BlueAluminum +
PRL-24Trim Coil24"Pearl Aluminum +
TCG24PGTrim Coil24"Pearl GrayAluminum +
100-14Trim Coil14"Lomar WhiteAluminum +
69124240Trim Coil24" RegattaAluminum +
RUGCAN-24Trim Coil24"Rugged CanyonAluminum +
SB-24SBPVC-24Trim Coil24"Savannah WickerAluminum +
SASH-24SASHPVC-24Trim Coil24"Silver AshAluminum +
SPRC-24Trim Coil24"SpruceAluminum +
803-24Trim Coil24"Terra BronzeAluminum +
202-14Trim Coil14"Black / Royal BrownAluminum +
206-14Trim Coil14"Black / Terra BronzeAluminum +
100-24100PVC-24Trim Coil24"Lomar WhiteAluminum +
200-24200PVC-24Trim Coil24"BlackAluminum +
201-24201PVC-24Trim Coil24"Royal BrownAluminum +
203-24203PVC-24Trim Coil24"Grecian GreenAluminum +
204-24Trim Coil24"Black / BlackAluminum +
206-24Trim Coil24"Black / Terra BronzeAluminum +
280WHT-24Trim Coil24"280 WhiteAluminum +
ADB-24Trim Coil24"Dark BronzeAluminum +
ADBSAB-24Trim Coil24"Dark Bronze / Sable BrownAluminum +
AMB-24AMBPVC-24Trim Coil24"Musket Brown AAluminum +
ARED-24Trim Coil24"Autumn RedAluminum +
AY-24AYPVC-24Trim Coil24"Autumn YellowAluminum +
CHAR-24Trim Coil24"Charcoal GrayAluminum +
CNC-24CNCPVC-24Trim Coil24"Natural ClayAluminum +
CW-24CWPVC-24Trim Coil24"Colonial WhiteAluminum +
DESSAND-24Trim Coil24"Desert SandAluminum +
DPGRAN-24Trim Coil24"Deep GraniteAluminum +
DT-24DTPVC-24Trim Coil24"Desert TanAluminum +
FOR-24Trim Coil24"ForestAluminum +
GLB-24Trim Coil24"Glacier BlendAluminum +
GTEA-24Trim Coil24"Green TeaAluminum +
GST-24Trim Coil24"GreystoneAluminum +
HB-24HBPVC-24Trim Coil24"HerringboneAluminum +
HBBL-24Trim Coil24"Harbor BlueAluminum +
LHRED-24Trim Coil24"Lighthouse RedAluminum +
HCRM-24CRMPVC-24Trim Coil24"Heritage CreamAluminum +
LM-24LMPVC-24Trim Coil24"Light MapleAluminum +
MNTSUEDE-24Trim Coil24"Montana SuedeAluminum +
PBCL-24PBCLPVC-24Trim Coil24"Pebblestone ClayAluminum +
PCB-24PCBPVC-24Trim Coil24"Pacific BlueAluminum +
RYE-24Trim Coil24"RyeAluminum +
PORTSBLUE-24Trim Coil24"Portsmouth BlueAluminum +
QWILLOW-24Trim Coil24"Quiet WillowAluminum +
SAB-24SABPVC-24Trim Coil24"Sable BrownAluminum +
SAD-24Trim Coil24"SaddleAluminum +
SANDNX-24Trim Coil24"Sand NXAluminum +
SANDP-24Trim Coil24"SandpiperAluminum +
SB-24SBPVC-24Trim Coil24"Sandstone BeigeAluminum +
SEAG-24Trim Coil24"SeagrassAluminum +
SGRAY-24SGRAYPVC-24Trim Coil24"Sterling GrayAluminum +
SILVGREY-24Trim Coil24"Silver GreyAluminum +
SUEDE-24Trim Coil24"SuedeAluminum +
SW-24SWPVC-24Trim Coil24"Snow WhiteAluminum +
TCG24TGTGPVC-24Trim Coil24"Tuxedo GrayAluminum +
TCOT-24Trim Coil24"Terra CottaAluminum +
TUSOLIVE-24Trim Coil24"Tuscan OliveAluminum +
VICGREY-24Trim Coil24"Victorian GrayAluminum +
202-24-24Trim Coil (0.024)24"Black/Royal BrownAluminum +
SWAMB24-24Trim Coil (0.024)24"Snow White /
Alcoa Musket
Aluminum +
JHAGPWTR-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Aged Pewter /
Gray Slate
Aluminum +
JHARWHT-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Arctic White /
Monterey Taupe
Aluminum +
JHAUTTAN-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Autumn Tan /
Pearl Gray
Aluminum +
JHBBBLUE-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Boothbay Blue /
Navajo Beige
Aluminum +
JHCOB-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Cobble Stone /
Evening Blue
Aluminum +
JHDPOCEAN-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Deep Ocean /
Iron Gray
Aluminum +
JHKKIBRN-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Khaki Brown /
Night Gray
Aluminum +
JHTIMBARK-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Timber Bark /
Light Mist
Aluminum +
JHCLRDRESP-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Country Lane Red /
Rich Espresso
Aluminum +
JHHMOSMSGE-24James Hardie Trim Coil24"Heathered Moss /
Mountain Sage
Aluminum +

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Frequently asked questions (faqs)

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What is Trim Coil?

Trim coil acts as a protective barrier against the elements. It shields underlying materials, such as wood, from rain, snow, wind, and UV rays, which helps prevent water infiltration and damage. Made from materials like aluminum or galvanized steel, the trim coil resists rust and corrosion, providing long-term protection for exterior surfaces. This reduces the likelihood of pests like insects and rodents entering the home.

What are the Benefits of Trim Coil?

Trim coil is generally low maintenance, versatile and sustainable. Not only do you get the added protection against corrosion, pests, and weather, you will also find that the trim coil requires very little upkeep. It retains its appearance and protective qualities with minimal effort. Trim coil surfaces can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent and water, making it simple to maintain their appearance.

Berger offers a variety of colors and finishes, allowing  contractors to match or complement a home’s exterior design. This customization can significantly enhance the curb appeal. It can be used in various parts of a home, including fascia, soffits, window and door trim, and roof flashing. This versatility makes it a valuable material for multiple exterior projects.

Aluminum and steel trim coils are recyclable materials, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Using recyclable materials helps reduce the environmental impact of construction and renovation projects. The longevity and durability of trim coil reduce the need for frequent replacements, contributing to more sustainable building practices.

What are the Best Methods for Trim Coil Installation?

Use Appropriate Tools & Accurate Measurement

Measure the length and width of the areas to ensure precise cuts. Use a measuring tape for accuracy. Use tin snips or a utility knife to cut the trim coil. For straight, long cuts, a metal shear can provide cleaner results. Place the trim coil on a stable, flat surface before cutting to ensure accuracy and safety.

Ways to Secure Trim Coil

Depending on the material and location, choose appropriate fasteners. Use galvanized nails, stainless steel screws, or rivets. If using nails, use a hammer or nail gun to secure the trim coil, spacing them evenly to avoid warping. For areas where nails or screws might be difficult to use, construction adhesive is the best choice.

Sealing & Finishing

To seal gaps, use a high-quality exterior caulk between the trim coil and the building to prevent water infiltration and pest entry. Trim any rough or sharp edges to ensure a clean, professional finish and reduce the risk of injury. Ensure that all pieces of trim coil are aligned properly and that there are no gaps or overlaps that could compromise weatherproofing.

Extra Tips

– Be mindful of weather conditions when installing trim coil. Install during mild weather to avoid issues with expansion and contraction.

– Always wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves and safety glasses, to protect yourself from sharp edges and tools.

– Use high-quality trim coil and fasteners to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. Berger offers a variety of options to meet your needs.